Q - Do you sell commercial or registered goats?

A - We sell both depending on what we have available at the time of the inquiry.

Q - When do you have goats for sale?

A - Most often September/October.

Q - What age do you sell your goats?

A - Doelings, no younger than 6 months. Yearling does

usually are held for registered stock sales on and off the farm. Bucklings are sold as soon as they are weaned if there is a meat buyer for them. A few select bucks are kept till they are 6 months. If there is not an interest in a breeding buck by customers that season they will go to the meat market.

Q - What bloodlines does High Meadows focus on in their       breeding program?

A - We use population genetics in the development of HMK

goats. We have focused on performance of our herd not the

pedigree. We used a new sire line at different intervals on the best performing does and their daughters. Each generation

since 2004 had does that did better than others. We sold

poor performers to the meat market. The best performers

were placed in our "breed up" program. The best percentage

does were sold to other producers and their daughters were

kept as we increased our number of Purebred does.

Q - What color are your goats?

A - The dominate color is white. We have bred for other colors in the past but we prefer white.

Q - When do you kid?

A - Mid April. We have kidded earlier but it did not work out well for our farm management style.

Q - How do you decide who needs to do be sold to what market?

A - We have achievers, second string achievers and those that

just don't have a breeding market. Achievers will be placed in our breeding program or sold to a registry breeder. Second string

achiever does will be sold to the commercial market. Small bucks

will be sold to the meat market. The better bucklings will be held

till late in the season. We normally don't hold bucks over till the

following season so they will go to the meat market.

Q - What are your weight goals for your kids?

A - In recent years we have observed that bucklings with 9 lb birth weights and 50 lb 90 day weights usually reached our program goals. Doelings with 7 lb birth weights and 40 lb to 45 lb 90 day weights usually meet our goals for the best does.

Q - What do you price your goats?

A - Registered Purebred does: $800 to $1000. Registered Purebred bucks $700. We use NKR only. Commercial does $500. Commercial bucklings will be meat market price.